Courtney Little (oneoctobernight) wrote in freshpaint,
Courtney Little

//Do you have a penis or a vagina?Proud Owner Of a Vagina
//Fave food:peaches
//Top 5 Movies: JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH!!, Fight Club(Chuck Palahnuick is a genious), The Brave Little Toaster, Bi Dome w/ Pauly Shore, Werid Science, Breakfast Club-pretty in pink-16 candles etc.,Red Dragon and Slince Of the Lambs
//Top 5 bands/artists:Dear Whoever, THe Cure, Blonde Redhead, Cursive, Alexisonfire, Poison the Well, Bob Marley, The Cranberries
//Pepsi or Cola?Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper
//How often do you eat cheese?um.hardly ever
//Why are you hawt?for my sense of humor and mind
//Why should we accept you? because im always on the computer and i would be an active member
//If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would that sentence be? honestly i couldnt desribe myself in one sentence that prolly counts off
//Pics: (At least 5)


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